Welcome Newcomers!

So, you heard about CISV from a friend or colleague and you’re interested in learning more? We are excited to share CISV with you and hope it will encourage you to dig a little deeper into what we offer at the local and national levels in addition to travel opportunities. We are going to start at the beginning, then lead you into what’s happening here with Brandywine Valley CISV.

What We Do

CISV provides a range of unique, educational group activities, which develop cross-cultural understanding in children, youth and adults from around the world. By encouraging respect for cultural differences and the development of self-awareness, CISV empowers each participant to incorporate these values into their lives as they become global citizens and strive for a more peaceful world.

Our work focuses on the following key areas:

    • We provide opportunities for individuals to learn by experience to live amicably with others irrespective of cultural background.
    • We contribute through research to a science of international relations and non-violent conflict resolution.
    • We cooperate with other organizations having similar purposes.
    • We inspire people of all ages to strive for a more just and peaceful world.

Check out our pocket guide to CISV: The Passport.

Watch this documentary. It’s a little older, but you get the idea! Best part is, it was produced by a young CISV member. It is a great way to learn about how we got started.

CISV educates and inspires action for a more just and peaceful world.



Leadership Opportunities

Most CISV programs are designed for the children, but they also provide very educational, enlightening experience for the adults. Adult leaders play a key...

Village (age 11)

Village is for eleven-year-old children who represent their country in an international camp setting for a once in a lifetime experience. In the Village, there...

CISV Programs

The building blocks of global friendship. At CISV we believe in building global friendship, starting with children. But that’s not where it stops.  While the...

Interchange (ages 12-15)

Interchange is the only CISV program that is family-centered and allows for total immersion of the youth participant into a family's social and cultural...