Are you ready for a new kind of CISV program?

CISV National is introducing Fortnight, a new and exciting CISV experience for JBers age 16 to 18.

The program comes as a solution to the problem most U.S. chapters experience: a waning of interest in JBers aged 16 to 18 due to limited JC and Seminar spots. Often there is intense competition for these spots, and Fortnight is a chance for this age group to stay connected with CISV and the World!

Inspired by Canada, Fortnight is an engaging two-week domestic summer program that will be a little more affordable, a little less daunting and a whole bunch of fun.

In addition to content that will explore many new topics, such as what it means to be a U.S. citizen, cultural awareness, and American cultural history and diversity, the camp will also focus on community service. In a recent poll of JBers, 90% responded they would like to see a large community service component as well as educational content and CISV workshopping (not to mention good food!).

Download the initial brochure here for more information.

Now the logistics:

WHERE: Hosted by the Pittsburgh Chapter

WHEN: July 15 to 29, 2018

WHO: 25 participants – one from each chapter and developing chapters

COST: $972 per participant – flight allowance included (this year only)

STAFF: Camp Director: Nicole Veater; Camp Planner: Katie Basse
(Download Fortnight Staff Application)

HOW TO APPLY: Fill out this Fortnight application by Dec. 31st.