Starting this year, all Seminar camp applications will go directly to National.

Seminar camp is actively conducted by the participants, who are encouraged to discover and form opinions about individual, international and intercultural matters, to examine their own motives and the behavior of themselves and others, to appreciate the responsibilities involved in group living, and to gain practical experience in positive conflict resolution.

The Seminar Camp is an intensive program, designed for an older age group. It fosters interest in the world as a whole, and develops a sense of responsibility for its peaceful survival. A local and international staff of five act as resource personnel and Chapter liaisons for the participants. The thirty selected young people of ages ranging from 17-18 travel independently to participate in the three-week camp.

Many CISV leadership positions are gender specific because CISV aims to keep a balance of genders in each program. When our chapter receives invitations to various programs, the gender of the leadership position is predetermined.

To see what Seminars are available and to apply for a Seminar position, download the SEMINAR CAMP 2018 APPLICATION.